We offer:


̶  organization of ON-LINE competition on a particular phenomenon in a singing culture: a composer, poet, artist, songs, united by a particular theme

Gaming product for these competitions can contain tasks performed NOT ONLY on the basis of LT technology, but a different types of problems too.

The price of the event stipulated depending on its format.

 ̶  production of game product by personal order… for example, as present to any holiday. The cost of the order is depending on the subjects and the number of involved poetry and song material

Remember: on the base of our game technology is possible to create game products and hold competitions for the best adepts and experts on:

̶  christmas songs

̶  children's songs

̶  love lyrics

̶  songs from films and animated films

̶  romances and other works of classical song culture

̶  traditional folk, Patriotic and ceremonial songs

̶  comic and satirical songs

̶  songs about various cities

̶  arias from favorite operas and operettas

̶  songs favorite composers, songwriters and performers, including bands and groups...

̶  parodies and remakes

̶  songs on many other topics


Games for you, on your order including new year greetings for kids, friends, relatives and family members... It will bring not only joy, but strengthen spelling and literacy too.





With best regards and wishes

Władysław Polakowski